Guest House Addition

Looking for an experienced guest house addition contractor? A guest house can be designed for many reasons.  You may regularly have out of town visitors and would love to offer them a relaxing place to stay without intruding on your everyday life.  It is also usual for young adults to have their parents move in with them in their later years because they don’t want to place their parents in a retirement home. This is also generally known as a mother in law suite or an in-law suite.  Another common trend is constructing a small guest house or apartment on your property and use it as rental income.  Whatever your plans are, a guest house can easily resolve some of the headaches of having someone intrude on your family while still being on the same property. Most guesthouses function as small apartments and provide the same amenities as a regular house: kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, utility room, etc.  The choices are entirely up to you and can be custom-made to fit your budget.  The very first thing that should be addressed before thinking about building a guest house is; will your property allow a new guest house within the building setbacks.  This can be found out by looking at your property survey.  Easements, the right of ways and floodplains will also need to be considered during the planning stages of guest house construction. The design of the guest house can be a very challenging process.  We can design the structure around existing trees or nestle the new guest house behind landscaping and away from the main home.  Building materials can be of any sort, although some Home Owner’s Associations ( HOA ) demand that we use the same materials that are on the existing main house. Orange County construction has been building homes and has handled 100s of room additions projects in Orange County.   We look forward to working with you on your next Guest House.  Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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