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Over the years I’ve heard so many times, “where can I find information about my post 86 Fiesta®?” I asked the same question when we first started buying Fiesta®. Over the past 15 years I’ve been buying and selling Fiesta®, and I’ve learned a lot. So, I thought it was time to share that information with others. When I had time, I started to compile this information, so that others would not have to search like I did. You will see the guide progress with updated photos, additional phases being added, such as ornaments, decorated, licensed accessories, and lots of other miscellaneous topics.

You will find certain comments repeated on different pages. I wrote it this way, so you would not have to reference different pages while trying to get the information you need about a specific piece. You will have all the information about that specific piece on that items page(s). There will be a few pages that have you reference another items page, but I have tried to keep that to a minimum.

I have included, some of the Vintage Fiesta®, Amberstone, Casualstone and Fiesta® Ironstone pieces so that you can determine if you have a Post 86 or Vintage Fiesta® piece. The measurements shown are for comparison and informational purposes in helping you to determine exactly what piece(s) you have. However, remember Fiesta® is pottery and each piece is a little different, so your measurements may be a little different than what is stated in the book.

I am not a professional writer, photographer or website builder. What I am, is someone, just like you, who has a passion for these beautifully colored dishes.  You will notice some photos are credited to others. Those photos are done by some wonderful collectors who agreed to have their photos included in this guide. I want to extend a special thank you to each and every one of you.

I am hoping this guide will be a collaboration of many. Dish friends are the best, so lets all have some fun helping one another, sharing our knowledge, about the dishes we love and that brings us together.  Follow our Facebook page Post 86 Reference Guide for some fun ideas coming in the near future. Or purchase my book “Post 86 Reference Guide” in eBook or paperback on Amazon.  

If you find a mistake, have a question, a topic you would like included or even a suggestion, please email me at post86rg@gmail.com.

Enjoy the guide & have a “colorful” day.





























































Fiesta® Post 86 reference guide